bathroom design

Bathroom Design

Bathroom designed and realised by H2O London. Furniture by Mastella, basins by Catalano, taps by Zucchetti.

Bathroom Design

Apart from very few exceptions, bathrooms did not use to be designed, today bathroom design is a discipline in its own right and it is very popular. It comes in several shapes, forms and qualities just like bathroom fittings do. Anyone who sells bathroom relative products will advertise design services, often offering it for free, whether what you get is a thorough and proper bathroom planning service remains to be seen though!
Going into a bathroom and swapping the old with the new is most definitively not bathroom design, even though rarely it is the only option as the room does just not allow for any changes in lay-out. However, most cases will call for a full design process to take place, those clients who are not happy with the obvious solution will be willing to invest some of the budget money in design services. A proper planning service will look at all lay-out possibilities finding the most attractive according to parameters set in a preliminary discussion with the client producing a series of alternative plans, one of these plans is then developed further and carried out.

1 Bathroom, 6 designs: no stone is left unturned during the bathroom design process to achieve the best plan for that specific context.

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Products for bathroom designs

With such an amount of bathroom products available out there it is just impossible to put them all under one roof. Deciding on fittings to realise your bathroom design project may seem a daunting task when the sheer number of them is so overwhelming until you use the right approach and parameters.

Designers at H 2 O would avoid the confusion generated by this volume of existing bathroom products simply by first sorting out the bathroom plan layout based on a thorough study of spaces, shapes and ergonomics. This approach minimises the time spent looking for fittings as the design study would have already identified a shape and a size for most fittings especially items like basins, baths, shower trays and bathroom furniture which have predominant importance in terms of space allocation when it comes to design a space like a bathroom or a shower room. At this point one can then conduct a focused search for bathroom products to realise the design without the need to visit places endlessly. However, if you really feel you need to look at products first, it may help to take a look at a few bathroom manufacturers to perhaps form a basic idea on a possible style to use for a specific bathroom design project. To help you on that please log on to the link to "Bathroom Directory" at where you can find a list of manufacturers.

Bathroom tiles

The amount of choice in terms of bathroom tiling is just as great. Stones are very popular especially lime stones, they give a genuine natural touch to the finished result and can be very elegant conserving simplicity. Stones for bathroom tiling can come in all prices and sizes, also in mosaic form, and can often be more accessible than most good bathroom porcelains.
Porcelains however are still a very good choice when it comes to use bright or vivacious colours, porcelain is man made fired terracotta and it can come in many grades and hardness.
Another popular choice for bathroom tiling is glass in the form of mosaic. Here the range of existing colours or patterns can literally be mind blowing and the design opportunities for a bathroom can be countless, budgets however go up a lot. Glass is also available in tiles of different colours and sizes but not as varied as in mosaic form.
Tiling is integral part in bathroom design, no matter how much money one can spend on tile supply, it will all go down the drain if the installation is not proper. Tiling is an art in its own right especially when designers and clients set out complicated patterns or at list expect grout lines to match each other from floor to wall etc.
An expert bathroom designer will lay out the tiling pattern at the outset positioning grout lines and patterns they complement fittings with the aim of creating an harmonious result taking care of every small detail.

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The vanity unit shown on the left was designed and installed in North London.

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